Wednesday, May 30, 2007

She's Practically a Celebrity

(I think this picture makes me look silly, but overall Mabel did a fabulous job taking it.)

I saw my dear friend Mrs. Dub today
(and our friend, Hilari).
We ate tamales, went swimming, and chatted.
It was fun.

Now, if only she was in town just to play and not because
her brother is getting married.
Those family obligations are really getting in the way of my secret plan to make her husband and my husband best friends.

p.s. Eden is really cute.


  1. oh, look how cute you guys are. two things: when did your hair grow like 4 inches and I don't remember Mrs. Dub being that much taller than you. she must have some wedges on. :)

  2. we were actually kneeling so that mabel could get a better shot (mabel is short). laura must have a longer torso than me.

  3. awww, y'all look so cute - how fun for you and mrs. dub! she needs to get back home soon, as I thrive off reading her blog. love your hair, as always - I wish I could pull off that fabulous sweep bang, but with glasses, I just don't think it would look like yours...blast.

  4. i must bend my blogger break rules and make a comment.

    it was indeed so fun to hang out.

    it is indeed a huge bummer that we can't do it more often.

    it is indeed a necessity our husbands become best friends ... and neighbors.

    and it's indeed true that your hair and baby bod are rockin'.

    miss you already!

  5. Cute pic! Mabel did a great job!!

  6. You are so good lookin' Steph! Can't wait to see your cute baby belly. You should have the photographer take some good maternity photos!

  7. JEALOUS! I would love to be there with you guys!


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