Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What do you do with a 10 pound box of broken pretzel rods?

You make a lot of these:

2 bags of caramels
and 3 bags of chocolate chips
and I didn't even make a dent.

Now what do I do with the other 9 and a half pounds?

(Mike's office neighbor is a chocolate company that makes these very same delicious treats. But apparently they don't like the broken pieces.)


  1. Those look amazingly scrumptious!

  2. oooh...those look unbelievably delicious. i could eat the whole ten pounds, i'm sure.

  3. Hmmm, I was going to guess that Mike made a trip to Harvest Market. I can't think of a better office neighbor than a chocolate company.

  4. Have you ever made pretzel pie crusts? I have a recipe for Key Lime Pie with a pretzel crust that is SUPER yummy (and easy).

  5. there's a yummy pretzel salad recipe, i think it's called "mister salty pretzel salad." we had it at a ward party. it involves pretzels, red jello and cool whip. but it's really good.
    or you could make a whole lot more chocolate pretzels and freeze them for VT gifts. :) OR mother's day giveaways in the ward! i'm full of ideas. . .

  6. If you come up with something, let me know. I still have all 10 pounds left. P.S. Those are amazingly delicious! Good work!

  7. Are they freezable? If so you could take them out before Christmas -do your chocolate thing and package them up as gifts. They look delicious.

  8. i likes them plain, personally. or dipped in raspberry jam. seriously. but you're a culinary genuis so i'm sure you'll think of something!

  9. That was just what the doctor ordered! And totally worthe the messy hands and face to keep the kids happy on the way home. Thanks for everything.

  10. Yes, we loved ours as well. DIVINE, in fact!



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