Saturday, March 03, 2007

We Actually Did Something Fun

Usually our Saturdays consist of:
yard work
or doing nothing.

That is fine.

But sometimes it is nice to do something different,
like dress up in our cowboy (or girl) gear and head to
Lehi Days.

The weather was beautiful, the bbq was delicious, and the cows were kind of stinky.

Oliver loved driving the tractors.

Mabel loved eating the cotton candy.

Thanks for the invite Brad and Jill!


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  2. 2 years ago, when we lived in a Lehi ward, Jake bet me that at least 2 people would bear their testimonies about Lehi Days the first Sunday in March. I thought he was crazy, but actually 4 people did. Lehi is a chosen land, my friend.

  3. LOVE the pink cowgirl hat - wonder if they make them big enough for mommies....

  4. how fun- we did the cowpoke thing today too, at the rodeo, but i'm too tired to post pictures. :)

  5. Driving home from Utah last year, Roger and I saw a long line of beautifully kept tractors driving down a road. It was a parade!!
    The Lehi Days look like fun. Hope y'all had plenty of barbeque.

    Mable and Oliver are so cute. :)

  6. My boys would go nuts over those tractors. How fun! And the weather looks great there. We had a sunny day, so I took Bentley to the park to ride his bike and I FROZE. Sun does not equal warmth. :) But I forget that after a few days of clouds and snow.

  7. they are so cute!!! looks like another reason that leslie would love arizona! mom

  8. Those pictures are adorable- I love the pink cowgirl hat. I'm kind of bummed we missed Lehi Days this year.

  9. I have lived 5 minutes away from Lehi my entire life and I have never been to Lehi days...but all of my friends go. Oliver and Mabel look adorable.

  10. I'm bummed we missed out! I don't know anything about where robby used to live and I think that might have helped.

  11. Cute pictures! I'm glad you had a great time!
    You should check out the Ostrich Festival in Chandler this weekend. It is always tons of fun for everyone!!

  12. Oh that cute and adorable pink girl. Pink cotton candy and all!
    Love the pink hat
    Of course Oliver looks prett fine and cute on that tractor. Know he loved it.
    Hugs and Kisses


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