Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This is my favorite new idea.
You can check it out here.
My birthday is coming up (in August).
Did I mention that I love brownie edges?
(like really really LOVE them)


  1. So innovative yet so simple. Genius!

  2. What??!!!
    Who loves the edges of Brownies??
    Whenever I make brownies to give away, we usually keep the edges for ourselves and give the softer middle.

  3. ah!!!!! i hardly ever bake brownies - but if i had this pan, i think i may make them daily. i am OBSESSED with brownie edges. and burned wheat thins. mmmmmm......i really want that.

  4. i'm with carla... brownie edges? the only time i like brownies is in brownie trifle, then they are sooo yummy. hmmm, that sounds good. lots and lots of chocolate. i think it's too late to make tonight, but probably tomorrow. who could pass up brownies, pudding and cool whip. it's a dream come true.

    enjoy those edges!

  5. oooo, that WOULD be a good gift. . .

    and i think you just determined mrs. dub's next hot topic . . .

  6. What a great idea!!!!Who doesn't love the edges. Think we all need a pan like this.
    Lots of Hugs

  7. I saw that pan somewhere online yesterday & thought it was the coolest thing ever. the edges are definitely the best! mmm, I might have to make some brownies today.

    p.s. congrats on the new pregnancy!

  8. Thanks for the newest idea for a splurge! Too bad we have to wait until they get their act together!!!
    P.s. I am a friend of Abbie's, and others on your extensive and impressive list of friends!

  9. So many corners. Mmmmmmmm.

  10. I never would have thought of that. But I do love the crispy edges, now that I think about it. I bet you can count on that for your bday or Mother's Day? Hooray for that day, huh?

  11. I like the idea...as long as the edges aren't burnt. Also, it makes an M, and M is one of the best letters in the alphabet

  12. Stephanie,
    you are prego??? good news!!

  13. You are amazing for finding these pans!! Did you know that you have to reserve your pan due to the unexpected demand??

    I would have to put this on my "general wish/need list" since my birthday isn't until October. :<

  14. really great idea... thanks for the post... happened upon your blog; I will be ordering one for my mom for either mother's day or her birthday; she LOVES edges & overdone cookies!

    PS congrats on your own little one in the oven :)


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