Thursday, January 25, 2007


Orange season is upon us.

This was my breakfast, picked from the trees in my own backyard.
Hopefully it will save me from the runny nose and hacking cough germs that Oliver breathed directly onto my face during our morning cuddle.
When cuddling with Oliver, one must have his/her face in direct contact with Oliver's face at all times. That means during coughs and sneezes, too.
But, it is worth it to have his arms wrapped so tightly around your neck for half an hour.
Trust me.


  1. That picture is beautiful. I must highly recommend Jamba Juice's Coldbuster- replace the sherbet with mangos (or whatever).

  2. I'll probably come steal some oranges when we visit tomorrow.

  3. I love our orange trees too! In the next couple months the air will be so sweet with the smell of orange blossoms... it is so great! Yum!

  4. cool picture, steph. fresh oj, yum.

  5. I have a very late response to your book post. I'm about to start Gift from the Sea By Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It comes highly recommended.

    Some background about the author:
    Lindbergh, Anne Morrow (June 22, 1906-Feb 7, 2001), author and aviator, was born Anne Spencer Morrow in Englewood, New Jersey. She married Charles Lindbergh on May 27, 1929 in a secret ceremony at her parents' Englewood manor and were harassed by the press throughout their honeymoon. They had six children. On 1 March 1932 the Lindberghs' first child, Charles Jr., was kidnapped from their remote New Jersey home. The state police and the national press devoted all resources to what was dubbed "the crime of the century." After ten weeks of false leads, fraudulent and well-meaning intercessions, and a ransom payment, the toddler's body was found in nearby woods. As a celebrity and as a writer of nonfiction, magazine articles, fiction, poetry, and the diaries that chronicle her response to personal tragedy, war, and the ups and downs of married life, Anne Lindbergh was a presence in American culture for more than half a century.

    Does that tempt you?

  6. Oh, how divine!!!

  7. one of my most fond memories of AZ was that of its beloved citris - our first meeting house had TONS of fruit trees on the property and the dads would change into work clothes after the three hour block, climb the trees and pick the fruit to take it home - mainly because if they didn't, it would rot on the ground. Crazy. We had six fruit trees in our back yard there and when ever I smell orange blossoms, I am taken back there - such great memories - thanks for reminding me of them.

  8. that is a beautiful picture, and I love a good juicy orange. My husband always talks about picking them off the tree and eating them warm in Brasil, one day I'd like to try it b/c I can only imagine... delish!

  9. thats a beautiful picture!


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