Monday, February 13, 2006


Here I am, working hard on our house. We have been demolishing a wall, scraping ceilings, sanding doors, and taking out carpet. It is amazing that I can still look this good in the midst of all the dust!


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I love all these cute retro pictures you put on your page - Leslie says you have them in a book - where ever did you find such a treasure?

  2. these pics cone from one of my favorite books, "An Ideal Homemaker" which was published in the early 60s, or so. i would check the date for you all, but the book is packed away with the rest of my life in the garage of our new house. until we actually move in, i am afraid it won't be accessible. i found my copy at the D.I. in provo. i think it was a big hit in the lds community back in the day. i love it. it has great pictures and really good housekeeping advice.

  3. All the demoing sounds very exciting. I hope you are taking lots of pics so we can all see the process!

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM


    i somehow lost your email address, so i just have to write you through your blog- thanks so much for the valentine you guys sent me!it made my day! honestly- i absolutely loved it, it was so nice to think of me amidst all the madness of moving in! plus it's the only valentine i'll be getting1 : ) my roomate and i are going to be in the library all night so our other roomate brittany can have the house for a romantic valentine's with her boyfriend. hilarious. anyway, it was way appreciated!
    love you guys lots and hope everything continues to go well!!

    love, jooj


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