Thursday, February 02, 2006

Three Fountains

While staying at Three Fountains with Nana and Grampa, we
make a daily trip out to see the fountain.

Mabel and Oliver like to throw rocks into the fountain.
They could do this for hours.

We are pretty bored these days, so this is a nice diversion.
We have 8 more days until our escrow closes. It feels like a very long time.

Whenever she sees flowers, Mabel is compelled to pick some.
But only if they are pink or purple.
(She decided yesterday that since she is three, she should have three favorite colors,
so for those of you who are keeping track, Yellow has been added to the list.)

Notice the nice desert motif on the back of the bench.
I never thought that I would ever live in the desert
(I don't think Orange County really counts as a desert since it is near the ocean).
It is very desert-y here.

Today we have nothing to do, so we will probably take a bike ride to great grandma Donna's house (she also lives in Three Fountains) to play with her Snow White toys.
What an exciting life we lead.


  1. Soon you'll be SO busy - redecorating!

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Enjoy the time you have you will be BUSY once you start moving and decorating. Just have fun with those two sweeties!
    Love and Hugs


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