Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Sales

Mike loves a good deal. So most Saturdays, he is up early, combing the local garage sales for the deal that he just can't pass up. He has come across quite a few good things, including Oliver's train collection, which is one of his best finds. We have gotten blocks, books, legos, lincoln logs, barbies, and puzzles. Actually, as I look around our den, I realize that almost all of our toys have come from garage sales.

We had our own garage sale about a year ago, and Mabel is still traumatized by it. Every once in a while she will show me a toy or a guy and tell me that she doesn't want daddy to sell it at a garage sale. I reassure her that we wouldn't ever sell any of her stuff. I don't know if she believes me. We were going to have another sale before we moved, but decided to use instead. It was awesome. We sold everything we wanted to sell, and it was so hassle-free!

While I am writing this, Mike has called from another garage sale. He has found a headboard for our bed for $15 and wants to know if I want it. Thank goodness for picture phones. The headboard is just what I want. Looks like he has scored again.


  1. You know, common sense tells you that you should buy stuff after you move... less to move! :-) I am glad you found an awesome headboard though. Hopefully we all get to see it?

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM

    He gets this habit from his mom. I'm a thrift-store gal cause of my mom. I remember going to thrift stores with Mike the summer I was 18, we were both always trying to find cool, vintage clothes.


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