Thursday, December 08, 2005

Stars for Eyes

An ideal homemaker is skilled in the handling of money, in planned shopping, in careful storage, and in clever preparation of food. She is able to conserve the family's possessions through good management. She does not economize and follow a budget out of self-pity, but because it is a challenge to get the very most out of the resources available.

The Art of Homemaking

Sometimes it is easy to have stars for eyes. Last night for Enrichment our ward had a progressive dinner at three houses. They were all gorgeous and ginormous. It was fun, but a little bit depressing. We just aren't at that point in our lives yet. . . someday. Like my alter-ego in the picture above, I can dream about the nice ranch-style house that I want, or the super sweet convertible. Until then, I will be content with my condo and my little volvo.

Who needs big, fancy houses and cars when you have a little boy as handsome as mine?

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  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Amen, Steph! Keep up the good thinking! Lots of people would do anything to have a little condo and a volvo to drive, but no one can get a baby that cute, no matter what they do. :)


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